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At Twin River Group, we provide a consistent supply of various product lines to major corporations and retailers, we collaborate closely with our partners to ensure that our inventory levels are always at optimal levels.


Amidst today's fast-changing business landscape, marked by digital disruption and supply chain challenges, Twin River Group offers innovative solutions to streamline supply chains.

Our highly trained and skilled logistics team, coupled with our logistics experts, ensures the safe and timely delivery of goods while maximizing flow visibility and minimizing costs by consolidating inventory at our DCs and utilizing multimodal transport.

As a result, we provide a dependable and efficient service that helps our customers navigate the complexities of a dynamic and ever-evolving market.

Direct to Consumer Fulfillment

At Twin River Group, we offer order fulfillment services to leading corporations across North America, with accurate inventory feeds, fraud detection logic, timed releases, and POD scanning options, as well as full geographic coverage, carrier options, and vendor-sourced item meta data. Our flexible systems are customizable to interface with all websites and can accept orders via EDI or other customized solutions.

Inventory Management

Localized inventory, in-stock, in-country and ready for sale - we provide full inventory management services including sales forecasting, lead time management, and product consolidation by territory for the Americas.

Custom Packaging Solutions

Corporations have unique requirements for merchandising and often require custom bundles and assortments to provide exclusive product offerings. Twin River Group offers an array of custom configurations based on specific requirements. We offer remanufacturing, repackaging, product stickers and labeling. Additionally we will help you with any special requests.

Private Label Manufacturing

At Twin River Group, we provide comprehensive product development services. This includes patenting, design engineering, manufacturing, and marketing to ensure your new product is ready to launch successfully to the market.

Procurement Service

Twin River Group is specialized in sourcing a diverse range of products for schools, universities, hospitals, religious organizations, medium to large businesses and other entities. We aim to equip your organization with the necessary hardware for your team of employees, volunteers and/or students.

We believe in streamlining the buying process, offering dedicated buyer support and product advice. We take care of all your logistical needs; from small daily orders to larger one-time purchases.

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